Seed Diversity Cloth : Commercially Printed Artwork, 130 x 90 cm

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The printed cloth is produced from a high definition scan of a large artwork on linen painted by the artist for an exhibition in the United States.

This product is now being made available as a commercially printed fabric ... a wall or table piece and you have a choice of two fabrics when you order this artwork.

OPTION ONE comes on a Cotton Linen canvas blend, a strong fabric, finished with machine stitched selvedges ... printed size is approximately 130 cm x 90 cm.

OPTION TWO comes on a BRAND NEW fabric the printing company is offering ... a superior Belgian Linen option for the same size 130 cm x 90 cm ... and do note ... there is a different price point for this superior fabric.

Strong interest in this artwork led to making these available in fabric form but do REMEMBER this artwork is available as a LIMITED EDITION PRINT from a local Brisbane Printer - with a smaller wait time for printing and shipping!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE ... when you place an ORDER for this artwork printed OVERSEAS on FABRIC it is processed as a PRINT ON DEMAND ... NOT in stock at the Brisbane Studio. The wait period is 2 weeks for the fabric to come from Berlin ... then machine stitching here is necessary before shipping to you... so add on appropriate shipping time according to where you are in Australian or Overseas.


As you scroll through the images you'll see the original painting on linen featuring stitching in coloured thread to create the grid. The design brings together abstracted seed motifs based on observation of seeds and seed vessels from all over the planet.
The original work hangs as an unframed painting 100cm x 140 cm and was scanned at 600 MB by a professional printer to be available as a Limited Edition Prints. Please ask is you'd like information about the Museum Quality Limited Edition Prints on archival Paper.

Image 2 & 3:
This was a slow, process-driven painting ... these images demonstrate stages in the painstaking approach from start to finish ... image 1 is the complete painting. If you look closely at image 2 you'll observe small squares in the fabric, a grid-like weave which prompted the addition of stitched lines to amplify this structure. .

Image 4: Shows the cloth options ... on the left the fabric is the Belgian Linen... on the right the cloth is a Cotton Linen Canvas. The weight of both cloths is similar as is the thickness. What makes the linen superior is the fine textured cloth - a natural fibre - the colour is more earthy and is very compatible with the colours of the original artwork painted on linen. NB: There is a price point difference of $50 - reflected in the more natural look of the Belgian linen cloth. Both are long-wearing & the print is consistent on both fabrics.

*The white border is stitched and barely visible on the cloth you will receive if you select the cotton linen canvas !

Image 5: After commercial printing onto the linen-cotton blend the fabric will appear like the cloth on the left with the white border. It will be washed, ironed and then hemmed by sewing machine ready for shipping. The cloth can be used in multiple ways in your living spaces or alternatively hung as a painting... with or without framing... as you desire.

Paintwork on the original linen surface has a textured, raw finish which created a wonderful rhythm. Seed motifs were painstakingly applied in a constantly shifting palette of inks onto squares painted in subtle acrylic tertiary colours which sing yet are beautifully subdued due to the surface colour of the linen.

The seed diversity cloth was painted as a tribute to bio-cultural diversity and the story of seeds across time and place, created by Artist Sophie Munns for her Homage to the Seed Project at SeedArtLab Brisbane, Australia.

NB: when you make an ORDER : this will be fulfilled by a PRINT ON DEMAND service.
Your order will be placed immediately & mailed back to the artist (allow up to 2 weeks) , it will then be washed, ironed and stitched ready to pack and send to you (allow several days for this) THEN one week for shipping if in Australia ... longer if overseas.

NB: $12.95 for shipping in Australia & $25 for shipping overseas.

Any queries please email: THANKYOU!