‘Stitched pods ii’
120 x 40 cm

Embroidery cotton on linen collaged on canvas, with white ink and acrylic.

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Around 2005 the artist began to work with collaged cloth on canvas. It began as a means of bringing work together from different eras or origins. Juxtaposing material.

Then it seemed to offer an interesting counterpoint to the plain white canvas, long a starting point for most artworks by the artist. From the launch of the Homage to the Seed Project in 2010 working with seeds suggested so many new ways of thinking ... about everything. Including the art materials & processes in the studio.

Linen has gradually been adopted in various ways, like on this canvas where it has been applied to a more standard stretched canvas to give life to the surface & introduce lines that are anything but straight.

The Blackbean Seed pod motif has become a perennial motif in the artist's work over years. Abstracted to its essential form it represents the potency of the seed contained within a strong pod, things coming into being and fading away and coming back, cyclically.

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