Digital Art Print: Dream of Seeds’


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  • Dream of seeds

Currently on offer... Archival quality LIMITED EDITION prints on superb quality watercolour paper. The work is titled, signed and numbered print by the artist ~ in a Limited Edition of 1 out of 25 prints ONLY!

‘Dream of seeds’ Print: $160
Rectangle: 40 cm x 30 cm

The P & P charge is added when ordering.

Thank you kindly!
Sophie Munns

IF you wish to buy a series of small prints... PLEASE email me at sophiemunns @ for an offer when buying a quantity or 4 or more!

Delighted to have this comment from Annie Falcke about Artwork 1. "Dream of Seeds".
"It has a great mood. Its connecting images of the cosmos (vast empty black space with intense flickers of light and being) and projects that inward, into seeds, into the very smallest parts of life - like there is a universe inside each tiny seed. That's what I see anyway!"
Thanks Annie!