‘Dna Tryptich’ is a series of work completed in a month long residency in May 2011 for the first International Fascination of Plants Day at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience at UQ in Brisbane.

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Acrylic paint and graphite pencil on linen these three 60 x 90 cm works resulted from an incredibly intense and stimulating month delving into the world of Dna sequencing and molecular plant science in an effort to gain more understanding of the depth and breath of this ever-expanding realm of plant science.

Ask if you wish to view individual works at higher resolution! Paintings are $1,900 each or $4,900 for the series of three. Works on paper also available on request.

Shipping isn't included here... best email if you wish to know more on sophiemunns @

Included are a series of Journal images related to this work from the residency.