Fertile world: indigo & Burnt Sienna

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Pigmented Indigo and Burnt Sienna Ink on 300 gm watercolour paper.

This artwork has been created in two stages ... consisting of the background layer with a separate artwork featuring the abstracted seed pod forms laid onto the background paper.

Size: 42 cm x 29.5 cm
Unframed work on paper

The pod featured is the abstracted version of the Blackbean seedpod, a signature pod in the artist's work. As a child she played with this rainforest species and years later, in 2004, its form somehow became a fixture in her journal pages, as if an augur of something yet to come to life for the artist.

On moving north from Newcastle to Brisbane in 2008 this seedpod was often collected on the artist's walks and led to an all-consuming absorption in rainforest species, and to a connection to the SeedLab at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens ... and all that unfolded from there.