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COLOUR LAB offers those of you up for a something quite unique a chance to explore and refresh your experience of colour through a really lively program over a whole WEEKEND or ONE DAY ONLY!

DECEMBER 7TH : 10am - 4pm $125/day includes extras.
DECEMBER 8TH : 10am - 4pm. $125/day includes extras

TOTAL for both days $250 includes art materials and refreshments.

NOTE: there's been strong interest to date so contact me if you have questions & be sure to snaffle up a seat pronto - places are limited. 


DAY ONE: We'll work on both paper and fabric as I lead you through a series of well-timed exercises designed to provide:

+ a visual exploration through the senses
+ a study of pattern
+ optical experimentation
+ the surprise of mining colour memories from half-forgotten moments in time

... all activities that bring bountiful inspiration you can take home and apply into any number of your own projects and practices.

Here we will look at ways to develop ideas and samples generated on the previous day with these two particular options:

1. for those wanting to pursue the experimental possibilities starting points from the previous day can be worked into painted cloth hangings & adventurous artist books.

2. for those keen to make with a purpose in mind, perhaps gifts or pieces for the home, we can extend projects in those directions, step by step, or freely... as desired.

Colour exploration can be serious at times & other times a lot of fun. It's also tremendously rewarding to peer into - its depth of associations & meanings too often easily overlooked. Its high time for further exploration of the colour realm ... and its a beautifully expansive journey with no set destination.

So who's ready to join me & jump into colour, mess about on paper & fabric?  

All essential materials are provided.

Suggestions of a few things to consider bringing:

1. A journal or sketchbook you like to use - new if you dont have one already.

2. Smartphone as we are sure to use it to capture some inspiration through the day. We'll be in SeedArtLab surrounded by seeds and art which may inspire a colour story.

3. Scraps of fabric, paper etc from around your home -of potential use in collage work.

4. A few favourite colour paints, pencils, ink or such.

5. A small collection or an item for show & tell that represents something about your relationship to colour or a colour story that means a lot to you.

Arrive 20 mins early for coffee or tea ready for our 10am start. Bring lunch (there's space in the fridge) and we'll open some bubbly, stir a jug of ice tea in the afternoon to share a few treats with.


Often we don't stop to notice colour unless its so arresting we are simply stopped in our tracks. Colour is a alchemical element, it can be many things to many people. For some of us its a must to have colour in our lives... but that doesn't necessarily mean a predictable palette or set of colour ideas - that is the mysterious thing about colour & why it's so worthwhile exploring.

Years ago at Themata Studio, a shopfront dwelling in Collingwood, Melbourne I set up in 1993 & ran for over 4 years there were two courses I held over 8 week blocks each term. A thursday evening Colour Workshop & tuesday night 8 week Journaling program - part book club, part visual experimentation, delving into big & small ideas that compel creatives to pursue words, paint, music etc.

For this COLOUR LAB workshop I've taken the best of the material from that exciting Melbourne course which will never go out of fashion ... and added to it a series of colour explorations that are very important part of my current work. I am greatly affected and informed by colour and excited to offer this unique opportunity.

Sophie Munns