Red Seed Rhythms

Coming soon

Currently organising to add new artworks to this online store this is the first in a series of printed cloth artworks.

Finding this frame the right size to display the work here gives you an idea of how you might consider framing a printed work on cloth.

We will be adding a series of new cloth prints - some of which are one-off originals featuring hand stitching to add interest.

The image shown here is 19cm square & temporarily placed under glass in this 25 cm sq ready-made frame.

When you look at image 3 you can see the hand-stitching onto the composition on the reverse side, added to amplify the stitch-look in the artwork. It’s a #digitallyaltered or collaged image printed on 100% Cotton, titled ‘Red seed rhythms’.

This kind of inexpensive ready-made 25cm frame can be accessed quite easily all around the globe so if interested in purchasing the artwork please note:

*it will be shipped unframed & being cloth it can be sent at modest cost ready to be easily framed at your end!

However, should you live in the Brisbane, Queensland area & are able to pick up the framed work from my studio it available framed ( nb: frame cost will be added on).

The artwork will be signed on the back & posted in a cellophane bag in a sturdy envelope.

Inquiries welcome!
Sophie Munns
SeedArtLab, Brisbane

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