Viabilite des graines

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“Viability des graines” or The viability of the seed.

Unframed, unstretched work on linen with frayed edges & linen thread stitching.
31 cm x 108 cm ... the theme of seed visits being central to our future.

1. Lower section of the artwork
2. Upper section of artwork
3. Full image shown on right.

NB: NEW Images to be added here ... be sure if interested to ask for further images if you wish.

The raw quality of this artwork is meant to emphasise the natural appearance of the linen fibre and stitching. Use of paint is subtle for this reason as well. When working with seeds at my studio they are often dusty, quite raw and naturally fibrous in some cases ... this is the quality I associate with a lot of seed material rather than slick shiny surfaces although there are certain seeds and pods to be found like that.

Can be hung in a variety of ways ... unframed or framed with or without glass ... it’s archivally sound as an artwork as it is.

WAS $450 (AUD)

NOW $225 with packing & postage $45 (AUD) International cost.
P & P $20 (AUD) Australia.