2016 CALENDAR : Homage to the Seed Project

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YOU CAN VIEW THE CALENDAR PAGES when you click through the images below as LOW resolution only!

Its wonderful to be sending this Calendar out into the world as it is helping fund the January Homage to the Seed Residency at the Australian Botanic Gardens Mt Annan's Seed Research/Conservation Centre known as PLANTBANK. Some images are inspired by time spent at PLantbank learning through conversation with staff.

Sophie will be leaving to go on Residency for a month after Xmas so she will advise if PRINTS are available.

Calendars and WORKSHOP BOOKINGS however will still be offered! THANKYOU!

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The 2016 Calendar will be offered at two prices:

1. $33 including Postage for Australia.

2. $45 including International Postage for those living outside Australia.
*** As the calendar is $30 + international shipping costs $16.50 I've
rounded the shipping cost to $15. Originally I posted $10 on shipping
Overseas but soon found out that was an underestimate!

When purchasing do choose carefully so you will not need to pay extra for international shipping afterwards ... thank you kindly!

The 5 images that you can scroll through here show the new calendar and its pages.


The sale of these calendars as well as any of the Archival prints from now through to the end of the year will help fund a January Artist Residency at Plantbank in NSW, Australia where the artist will continue her research into Seed & Plant Biodiversity & Conservation in Australia whilst also working on artworks for a March Exhibition at Plantbank.

This extraordinary Seed research and Conservation facility is onsite at the Australian Botanic Gardens Mt Annan located in South West Sydney, and part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Its also where she will conduct a three day Workshop 'SEEDS THROUGH AN ARTIST'S LENS' January 16th, 17th, & 18th. Bookings for that WORKSHOP can be made through this ONLINE STORE.


Last year a calendar was produced at SeedArtLabStudio between Xmas and New Year ... a whimsical idea in a quiet moment Sophie decided to do for herself, then with little expectation put to Instagram and Facebook followers who it turned out were quite excited to have the chance to purchase a Homage to the Seed calendar & sent in the orders.

It created a buzz & was a great deal of fun... so when a few friends sent a request recently asking if there was to be a 2016 calendar at first Sophie breathed slowly out ... pondering if there was in fact time!

Then early tonight, October 16th, looking at last year's sample, she remembered the fun & goodwill sparked from sharing favourite Homage to the Seed artworks & images and decided it was time to roll up the sleeves and began the search for 13 of her most loved images from this year to bring to a 2016 calendar!

Its by far the most affordable way to have 13 images from the artist & her project living in your home... plus there's no reason some of those images can't be popped in a frame.

Of course the high quality LIMITED EDITION Artist's Prints, produced archivally, signed, numbered & titled and readily available at this online store hold a very different value altogether as artwork for collectors!

However these calendar images are none-the-less well reproduced & there is nothing stopping you at the end of 2016 saving the images you have enjoyed!