SeedArtLab Workshop : SATURDAY APRIL 27TH 2019

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Join visual artist Sophie Munns at SeedArtLab, 48 Meemar St, Chermside in Brisbane for a Saturday workshop, April 27, 2019 from 10am - 4pm.

Arrive from 9.40am onwards & help yourself to tea or coffee ahead of the 10am sharp start.


Whether you’re a highly experienced visual artist keen to think more about the extraordinary world of seeds or in fact quite new to Art-making you'll be offered stimulating ways to explore a wonderful diversity of Seed material, dipping in to rich visual processes and ideas that celebrate seeds in both their biological diversity and potency as a symbol throughout the ages.

Bring along examples of native seeds and pods from your local area if you enjoy collecting and a small kit of useful things from home if you wish. THere's a list below for this.

IMAGES ABOVE: click to see all 5.

1. Table set up with seed material for use in workshop
2. A student work from SeedArtLab
3. Artist in the studio
4. Mark-making to lessen up at the start of the day
5 Seed Diversity Concertina books by students


Mixed media supplies and a range of papers will be put to use in a program of lively exercises designed to guide and prompt wide-ranging experimentation both mornings. Expect to be very busy, try loads of different approaches and spend no time worrying over whether you're getting it right. Its all about using out of the familiar... and getting some new thoughts happening around seeds.

The Afternoon session will allow time for slowing down to focus on the making of simple artist books, using processes discovered & enjoyed during the busy morning session. You'll be encouraged to make 2, even 3 books ... ... with the possibility of taking home any work to finish off later if necessary. Processes like stitching or adding furthering layering to your work can be completed later at your leisure. Individuals work at different paces ... and the day is designed to give you a varied approach to try out a number of approaches.

WHERE: 48 Meemar St, Chermside near the Inga St Corner ... down the road from Burnie Brae park.


One Day Workshop is $125 which includes the $15 materials fee.

BYO Lunch can be popped in the fridge when you arrive.

NB: Light refreshments will be offered with Teas and Coffee;

Email for further information.


+ A large variety of mixed media supplies

+ A range of beautiful papers for experiments + making concertina and artist books

+ A table of seed material

+ A variety of stimulus ... books, art journals & seed-related material.

+ Samples of the artist's artwork


+ Journal / visual diary - one you have already in use is fine.
+ smartphone/digital camera is a necessity.
+ small scissors, glue, sticky tape, pencil - ONLY IF you want your own on hand. Sophie will have these available.
+ artline pens are great for journal notes & quick drawings.
+ seeds /pods if you are a collector.

+ IF you wish to add a textile element bring a stitching needle, embroidery or natural thread and you'll be given a small sample of a natural weave fabric. Sometimes we simply run out of time for this but you will be shown how you can work on this back home in your own time.

+ IF you have a favourite mixed media item - inks, coloured pencils, watercolours you can bring something BUT all these things are provided.

REMEMBER ... art materials are supplied ... no need to bring much from home... the list includes several IMPORTANT items PLUS extra things that could be useful but aren't compulsory.

REFUNDS: Cancellations of one or more weeks in advance will be supplied with a refund minus 15% admin fee.

NB: REFUNDS are not issued for last minute cancellations i.e. within 7 days of the workshop! KEEP IN MIND: Your place can be offered to a friend or we could find another date.

Please dont hesitate to contact SOPHIE on 0430 599 344
or here: if you have any questions about the workshop...

I'm really looking forward to a wonderful intensive weekend of discovery!

Sophie Munns