'Seed Language' - 50 Seed Diversity images : NOW SOLD OUT!

Sold out

A set of 50 cards showcasing some of the favourite seed images taken by Sophie Munns for her Homage to the Seed project based at SeedArtLab her Brisbane Australia studio.

This Seed Diversity CARD SET is $75 AUD for the set of 50 images - 65 x 65 mm in size!

When exhibited they were presented as a square of 49 images all up… 7 images in a row going across and 7 down. Allowing a little space between images they could be framed in, say, a 55 - 60 cm square.

Alternatively they could be framed horizontally or vertically 10 images in 5 rows.

Measurements are in metric to give you an idea for a framable artwork if not crossing to keep them to look at individually.

The Card format used here is...

65 x 65 mm – cards 350gm in weight with a matte finish.
50 cards were originally printed for AUD $23.99 (incl. GST AU$2.18)

Hence with the original shipping and printing costs there's not a big mark up for this limited production of Seed Photography from the studio - only 3 sets left to sell now!

Total price is $AUD 75 plus $AUD 21 shipping overseas = $AUD 96
NB: Shipping in Australia $AUD 11

Total cost in $US 68.78 approx.

ALSO: When purchasing this set several printed SeedArtLab postcards will be added to your order as there’ll be space in the package.

Sophie Munns x