NEW PRINTS: Hybrid Seeds & Pod Rhythms


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  • 1. Hybrid Seeds: variations on a theme. Small print 21 cm sq (A5)
  • 3. Pod rhythms

The artist’s project ‘Homage to the Seed’ has resulted in the taking of 1000’s of photographs + a great many drawings & paintings since 2010.

Seed diversity brings beauty, diversity and wonder. Working with seed scientists involved in important conservation work over the last 6 years has added many more layers to this appreciation of the wonder of seeds.

5 images are featured here... to view them all please click through the different images.

1. Hybrid Seeds: variations on a theme.

2. Calendar featuring Hybrid seeds.

3, 4, & 5. Pod Rhythms x 3 (individual image shown 3 ways) Black Bean
abstracted Seed motif.

When ordering NOTE: This print is a SQUARE format image.


+ SMALL Print: $50 square 21 sq cm with white border.

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- $8 for New Zealand
- $20 everywhere else.

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