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NEW printed fabrics /art hangings COMING SOON!

This is an INTRODUCTION TO A NEW CATEGORY OF ART PRODUCTS that from time to time Sophie will make available here ... you may of course contact the artist by email about this aspect of her work.

Over decades the artist has worked with fabric in one form or other. Aged 15 Sophie tried her hand at Batik, inspired by her school Bahasa Indonesia Language classes.

After pursuing a B Ed (Art), majoring in painting, an early purchase of a sewing machine led to many hours printing & sewing fabrics produced on the side of her full-time Art teaching job in NSW. In the classroom she guided students through Lino, screen and mono-printing ... encouraging students to make clothing or objects from their prints at home where possible.

Turning 30 and relocating to Melbourne, early projects included working large on painted, printed cloths. Some years later her work was discovered by a large textile Corporation who commissioned artwork for boutique bed-linen ranges over several years.

At 42 a relocation to Newcastle marked a return to a painting career whilst managing teaching on the side. However a shift in 2008 to Brisbane prompted by illness led to the launch of the Homage to the Seed Project in 2010 and in time her paintings on linen saw her revisit the much earlier interest in the cloth as artefact and a painterly/textile exploration.

The original painted cloths roll up easily and are very mobile for their size.

Printed fabric cloths however can also be folded, are generally quite light weight and are highly versatile art pieces ideal for any home & work place.

VIST THE NEXT PRODUCT BOX FOR THIS BRAND NEW OFFER ... the first of the commercially printed fabrics is now available.

About the images:

1. Linen is the fabric of choice most often selected at present for original artworks as seen here in these rolled up paintings. NB: the rolled fabric on right is featured in the next Product page... its a commercially printed fabric of the original artwork on linen.

Printed on a Cotton-Linen blend its a sturdy cloth, and the reproduction quality of the artwork was very well received at a recent Art Show ... a quality product at a most affordable price.

2. A glimpse of several artworks commercially printed on fabric. Email if you wish to see more like this.

3. Very large hand-printed cloth from 2013 remains in the artist's archive and is shown on special occasions only.

4. Preparing to mount an exhibition in 2018 commercially printed cloths are laying with work on cotton rag paper and an original work on linen. Work on bottom left is available now through this online store. See the product 'Seed Diversity Cloth.'

5. Foreground: Original painting on linen with stitching & frayed selvedge, two of the artist's painted plates from the Biodiversity Conversation Series, several seedpods, a colourful one-off concertina book from the artist's archive and at the back is a glimpse of the commercially printed Seed Diversity Cloth sold at a recent exhibition and orders are now been taking to have reprinted.

PLEASE NOTE: This online store has been offering artwork reproductions as MUSEUM GRADE QUALITY Limited Edition Prints for the past 5 years. They are made available at a higher price point due to the very high production quality of Art Prints to appeal to art collectors.